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January 2022


This Privacy Policy explains how We process personal information We collect from You, or You provide to Us, when You use STORY LIVE. It also includes Our Cookie Policy.

Any capitalised terms not defined in this Privacy Policy are defined in Our Terms of Use.


We may modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. We may require You to acknowledge that You have read and understood the latest version of the Privacy Policy before using STORY LIVE. Even if We do not do so, by using STORY LIVE in any way You are agreeing to abide by the latest version of the Privacy Policy.


Note: no personal information is retained, or geo location.

We do not share Your personal information (specifically your email address, or any other information that can identify you as a person). This includes any other Users of the platform, or any other research teams involved in the project. We will share information relating to your use of our platform e.g. survey responses and task-completion data, with our research team, including text, images, audio and video if you choose to upload such data. Any information in this data which can be used to personally identify you will be anonymised prior to sharing or processing.

We may share information derived from your survey responses and activity data in anonymised form in academic reports, meetings, conferences and journals in accordance with relevant Ethics Policy.

Unless You have asked Us to delete Your information as described below, We may transfer that information to any person or company that takes over all or part of STORY LIVE, including without limitation, to any person or entity taking over the operation of STORY LIVE after the end of the research project. However, this will not include any of your personal information.


Note: no personal information is retained, or geo location.
We reserve the right to store Your personal information (including any Submissions You have made) 6 months after the end of STORY LIVE (whichever is the later).

If You want Us to delete the personal information We hold about You, you can request that we do so by contacting Geoff Davis). We will delete all data immediately. Note that no personal data is held in the data collected in this Experiment, unless placed there by participant.

If Your User account is terminated for any reason whatsoever We may delete Your personal information at any point thereafter, but We do not guarantee to do so.

Notwithstanding the foregoing We reserve the right to retain some or all of Your personal information where We believe this to be reasonably necessary in order to satisfy Our legal obligations, or where We have another legitimate reason for doing so.


STORY LIVE web pages and files only are hosted by IONOS in the EU and all GDPR regulations apply. Collected Data is not stored on IONOS servers. Collected Data is stored on servers. This data has no personal information unless placed there by the participant.

Please note We are not responsible for and do not accept any liability in relation to any breach of Your privacy by IONOS or any other third party service provider.

All data collected is stored on secure servers, and contains no personal information. Data session identification is by unique random number and is not stored with any links to participant IP address or any other identifiers.


Under UK law, We are obliged to inform you of the name of the ��data controller�, responsible for how Your personal information is processed; geoff Davis is the data controller for STORY LIVE.

If You would like a copy of the personal information We hold about You, or have any questions about how We may use it, please email: geoffdavis5 at gmail dot com. Please mention STORY LIVE 2022 Geoff Davis.


Note: no cookies are stored.