Public Site 2020

This study was originally devised and the site programmed by Geoff Davis for post-graduate research at UAL CCI London 2020, supervised by Mick Grierson.

Geoff Davis website

Micro Arts Group digital art & animations from Geoff Davis

The generator is textsynth by Fabrice Bellard. A publicly available text generator was used because it was not practical to recreate (program, train, fine-tune, host) a large scale text generation system for the original AI usability study.

Text Synth was built using the GPT language model released by Google OpenAI based on the Transformer architecture.
It is now using the Eleuther open source model GPT-J 6B and others (January 2022). See Eleuther 6B

For details on how to change the parameters, should you wish to, please see the Documentation link on main page.


Permission was granted to use Text Synth by Fabrice Bellard Jul 7 2020.

See (it is called 'online text completion').

Visit OpenAI's blog for more information on Google's OpenAI text generation.


Who owns the generated text?

This summary is from Adam King (coder of Talk to Transformer):

This seems to be a complicated issue. We can't give legal advice, so if you rely a solid answer you'll need to consult a legal professional.

We do however waive any rights we may have in the text you generate and grant you licence to use it for any purpose (to the extent that we have that right), royalty-free and without warranty. You don't have to credit us anywhere.

To hint at the complexity of this issue, consider that the neural network is:

1) designed and trained by OpenAI who licensed its source under the MIT license,

2) learned from millions of web pages containing content in which many people hold copyright,

3) is hosted by us (we waive all rights to the content) and

4) is conditioned on the prompt you give it (your own content).